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Course for route leading

Course for route leading

Course for route leading



We all know what it means to lead a route.
There is a big difference when the rope is no longer pulled above you.

Leading a climb, one has to observe particular details which when you are top roping you do not notice: you concentrate more on the route and on the possibility of placing protection, you learn to manage your strength better and to test the quality of the rock with increased attention.
In a few words leading a climb is a lot more intense and demanding.
But with the correct training everything is possible, and what is more gratifying than leading a climb with a good friend on the route of your dreams?!

During the course you will learn to climb independently both as a leader and as part of a roped team; you will also learn to plan out your itineraries.
Other points we will concentrate on are climbing technique and belaying. With this course we would like to teach you how to choose the route, to fix belay anchors, but especially to trust yourself.
The aim of the course is the formation of responsible mountaineers.



Requirements Participation in a basic course or adequate experience
Equipment On request we supply technical equipment free of charge
Accomodation Hotel at Nova Levante
Number participants 3 - 4 persons to one alpine guide
Services provided 5 days with mountain guide, 6 days of half board, equipment, transfers


Event Information

Event Date 15.09.2024
Event End Date 21.09.2024
Price 970 €
Area Catinaccio, Sella